Ballroom and Latin Dance Classes for Men


Become a competent leader with our professional partners 

Do you watch with envy when guys that you don't associate with dancing turn into confident dancers in the arms of the attractive team of professionals on TV? We will let you into a big secret ..... women love a man who can dance. No, really they are far more impressed with a guy who invites them onto the floor and leads them with a strong hold and a repertoire of steps than hearing about your golf handicap or how many goals you scored at footie.

You might think that you have two left feet but you have probably mastered some complex sport requiring quick thinking and good hand-eye coordination. There is a saying in the dance world that if you can walk you can dance so what are you waiting for?

Learn with a Professional Partner

Come to our unique classes for men and experience our method of teaching Our team of female dance partners are ready to help you learn. You will be in a class with a group of other men and the partners are there to help you understand how to lead and never to criticise you.

You only go out to dance in public when you feel ready. Our lessons cover both Ballroom and Latin styles and you have plenty of time to practice.

To join our Classes for Men.


“Well, I joined because I've always wanted to learn Ballroom dancing. I chose Simply Dancing Partners because you seemed the most professional and reasonably priced within my catchment area of the City. 

The classes are well run, friendly and not pressured. The professional partners are always polite and eager to help you learn at a pace that suits you. I always look forward to every lesson and feel great every time I leave.

I would recommend Simply Dancing Partners to anyonewho is thinking about learning Ballroom and Latin, with the unique course and lesson structure you won't find a better place to learn.

There simply is nothing like Ballroom dancing and I'm now completely addicted”.

“I have always had an interest in music but considered dance something that I had missed out on since I had always played either sport or music.  However, once I got to a age where team sports were in the past and going to the gym was pretty boring and anti-social, I plucked up courage and spoke to Jenni who explained that, given an excellent teacher and an experienced partner, I would stand a much better chance of learning to dance in a Simply Dancing Partners class.  (If you don't know, the male leads his partner around the floor in Ballroom and Latin dances.)

Three years on, I would recommend SDP to any man who would like to learn to dance.  The teaching is excellent and, as Jenni said, the experienced partner means that, as soon as you know what you are doing, your partner is with you (and able to give you some tips along the way).

As well as learning a new skill, it is a great way to stay fit with the added social element of meeting both others in your group (who are all of the same ability as yourself) and all of the excellent partners.

Apart from the nerve racking first minute I spent going into a dance shop to buy my first pair of dance shoes (although even the people in the shop were very friendly and encouraging), I can honestly say that I have enjoyed every minute I have spent learning to dance”.

“I found the thought of learning to dance Ballroom and Latin excruciating, which I suspect is a common problem for men with an English cultural background. All sorts of weird attitudes denigrate this beautiful art form, many of which I fear are welded into my DNA. But it is an experience that I sense can be exquisitely enjoyable and I have tried for years to find a place to learn to dance properly, attending many different classes both group and private. 

When my daughter’s wedding was planned I thought I would have one more go at conquering the ridiculous (but real) nerves and pain experienced with dancing. I found Simply Dancing Partners and rather reluctantly forced myself through the door on the first evening. However, my experience has been a delight from day one when I was introduced to my inspiring dancing partner and given lessons with a group of other motivated dancers under the direction of an experienced teacher. Come the day of the wedding I had made enough progress to thoroughly enjoy dancing with anyone and everyone.

In my view, Ballroom or Latin dancing is not a simple skill and I have given myself a 3 year window – I like to think of it as an apprenticeship – to achieve a basic level of competence. Simply Dancing Partners is an ideal place for me because there will always be someone to dance with. Although I am totally happy with my charming dancing partner, when she is not available there are always enthusiastic dancers keen to dance with me”.

"Every week I look forward to my dancing lesson at Simply Dancing Partners. The teachers and professional dancers are excellent and they encourage me to learn to dance with confidence. 

Dancing at first was an interested but now it's a passion of mine. I strongly recommend you should sign up to a class at Simply Dancing Partners.  I can guarantee you will have fun!"

"I began dancing late in life, joining classes in Modern (Social) Jive with my wife. Whilst we both found this an enjoyable and sociable activity, I was less than enthused by the quality of the dancing itself which did not match the ideas I had formed of dance (probably from Strictly!!) as a disciplined and physically challenging art form.

So I decided to seek some professional input and approached Jenni Kravitz of Simply Dancing to provide me with private lessons just for myself.  Jenni impressed me by her professional, customer orientated approach.  Within three or four days of my call she had organised my first lesson in central London and has subsequently sought out a more convenient, and slightly less expensive, studio for me in Clapham.  (I live in Farnham, Surrey.)  My teacher, Yaroslawa(“Yara”) Perederei, is a dedicated and high level and competition dancer who takes her teaching very seriously.  Her students are children and older men such as myself.

Having started with Ballroom Jive, the version of Jive danced in international competitive dancing, we are progressing through Cha, Cha and the other Latin Dances (Rumba, Samba, Paso Doble) with a view to taking the Bronze level exam in Latin Dances with ISTD over the Winter and Spring.  I wanted a challenge, and with Yara I have found a patient but demanding teacher, who is always prepared to go back to basics and who pays considerable attention to detail. Simply Dancing has provided me with a very satisfying pastime.  My only regret is that I did not start earlier in life".