Latin Technique


Latin Technique Courses in Battersea and Wimbledon

We start with a stretch and warmup isolating heads, arms, hips, ribs and learning how to move them correctly.

Then we select a Latin dance from a choice of Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba or Jive and learn a short routine that enables us to concentrate on the correct way to move our bodies including foot placement, arm movement and weight transfer.

We practice many times over so that we become confident in our understanding of the figures.  As well as giving us a thorough workout, this is adding to our knowledge of the dances so that we are not dependent on partners.  It is definitely making us into better dancers.

The class in Battersea is for Intermediate level and will be led by Istvan Zsigovics whose knowledge of Latin dance is extensive. He has his own style of teaching based on his knowledge of the human body and biomechanics. The lessons are bound to be very enjoyable.

The Wimbledon class is very much for Beginners and is run by Eddie Slattery who has an excellent friendly teaching style.

I love the Latin Technique classes which are made even more enjoyable by Istvan’s unique and thorough approach to teaching.

He is brilliant at breaking down each dance into bite size pieces so that you can fully understand the nature of the dance and how it should be danced correctly. Each session will focus on one aspect of the steps I.e hips, feet, arms, etc. He will not only teach you placement, form and foot positioning but also how to understand the rhythm and dance in time with the beat.

Even though it’s a group class, Istvan is extremely good at attending to each individuals needs within the class so that no matter what level you are you will always feel included and have something to work on.

I highly recommend having a go at the Latin Technique classes which are great fun and work really well in combination with the group or private lessons.
— Alison
This is a brilliant class. Our Events Director tried a taster and loved it.
— Caroline from the Really Helpful Club

Venues for the classes

Battersea, Wimbledon, Marylebone

Booking is essential

Do let us know if you can suggest another location and we will consider setting up additional classes