Latin Technique


What we do in the Latin Workout and Technique class

Every Wednesday and Friday morning we meet in a studio in Battersea for a class with Zolt├ín Szalontay pictured above.  We start with a stretch and warmup isolating heads, arms, hips, ribs and learning how to move them correctly.

Then we select a Latin dance from a choice of Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba or Jive and learn a short routine that enables us to concentrate on the correct way to move our bodies including foot placement, arm movement and weight transfer.

Zoltan makes us practice many times over so that we become confident in our understanding of the figures.  As well as giving us a thorough workout, this is adding to our knowledge of the dances so that we are not dependent on partners.  It is definitely making us into better dancers.

This is a brilliant class. Our Events Director tried a taster and loved it.
— Caroline from the Really Helpful Club

Venues for the classes

Nuffield Gym 16 Sheepcote Lane London SW11 5BW

From September we will bring the same classes to Wimbledon at Nuffield Gym 37 The Broadway, Wimbledon SW19 1QB and in the West End at 1 Nutford Place W1H 5YZ

Booking is essential

Do let us know if you can suggest another location and we will consider setting up additional classes