Practice Socials


These are now being held regularly on alternate Tuesday evenings.

There will be plenty of partners available at the event to ensure that you can dance as much as you want.  A great way to practice what you have learnt in class as the partners know you and dance to your level.

This video shows our latest dance and includes a Couple who are learning to dance together as well as students from Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced classes.  The partners are either dance teachers or very experienced competition standard dancers.

I really enjoy the practice socials as it gives me the perfect opportunity to practice what I have learnt in my classes. It takes me out of the comfort zone of following a routine and enables me to become more sensitive and intuitive as a follower.

These sessions are very well organised and you get the opportunity to dance all the Ballroom and Latin dances that are taught in both the private and group classes.

There are always enough patient partners who are incredibly helpful and will whizz you round the dance floor at the level you feel comfortable with.

The practice socials are also a great opportunity to meet other likeminded dancers and a wonderful way to spend an evening. As well as being great fun, they are a superb learning experience. I can highly recommend them.
— Alison