Private Ballroom and Latin Dance Lessons

Learn Ballroom, Latin and Salsa at times to suit you


We have assembled an amazing team of excellent dance instructors both male and female. They are available during the day, evening and both days of the weekend. We teach for a whole hour.

Like most skills, learning to dance in a group lesson is great, but nothing can beat private dance lessons if you want to become a great dancer - and quickly!

We teach all of the International styles: Ballroom - Waltz, Viennese Waltz, Tango, Quickstep, Foxtrot and Latin: Cha Cha, Samba, Jive, Rumba, Paso.

We also have teachers for Salsa and Argentine Tango.

You will have exclusive use of the studio with the teacher so all the space is yours and you won’t have to share the music.

Take a look at our team

Photo by Amanda Clarke


I am fortunate enough to be taking a series of private lessons with Catalin.  I am very grateful.  As well as being an excellent dancer, Catalin is a naturally gifted teacher.  We cover all the Ballroom and Latin dances in the Simply Dancing syllabus.  We started by revising the basics of posture, frame, technique and steps, to make sure that I had mastered these, before progressing to both simple and more complex routines.  Throughout our lessons, Catalin had endless patience with me.  He explained everything he teaches in an exceptionally clear and distinctive way, which boosts my confidence considerably. I have learnt a great deal in an engaging way and thoroughly enjoy our lessons.
— Mary
Nikita is a patient and attentive teacher. I was a novice ballroom dancer but, after only four lessons with Nikita, I am waltzing around the room, doing reverse turns and chassés, and Iooking forward to learning the Foxtrot.
— Elizabeth
I have been taking private lessons with Simply Dancing Partners for nearly two years. Their teachers are patient and sensitive and have the incredible ability to strike the perfect balance between being extremely thorough with amazing attention to detail as well as instilling confidence and pushing you at a pace that is entirely individual, whilst also making the lesson fun and enjoyable.

I have learnt so much about both Ballroom and Latin dancing. Having one to one lessons has enabled me to make great progress and to not only learn dance steps but to understand foot placement, posture, connection whilst also understanding the musicality and rythm of the dance.

This has instilled in me a great love of dancing and a keen desire to keep on improving for which I am extremely grateful.

I can highly recommend private lessons with Simply Dancing Partners.
— Alison