A one to one lesson with Zoltán one of our most popular teachers

A one to one lesson with Zoltán one of our most popular teachers

Private Lessons

We have assembled an amazing team of excellent dance instructors both male and female. They are available during the day, evening and both days of the weekend. We teach for a whole hour.

Like most skills, learning to dance in a group lesson is great, but nothing can beat private dance lessons if you want to become a great dancer - and quickly!


One to one £90 per hour

Couples £100 per hour

I was fortunate enough to have a series of private lessons with Zoltán.  I am very grateful.  As well as being an excellent dancer, Zoltán is a naturally gifted teacher.  We covered all the Ballroom and Latin dances in the Simply Dancing syllabus.  We started by revising the basics of posture, frame, technique and steps, to make sure that I had mastered these, before progressing to both simple and more complex routines.  Throughout our lessons, Zoltán had endless patience with me.  He explained everything he taught in an exceptionally clear and distinctive way, which boosted my confidence considerably. I learnt a great deal in an engaging way and thoroughly enjoyed our lessons.
— Mary
I am just loving my private dance lessons with Zoltán.  He is super-technical so I am learning lots of detail about each individual dance we tackle.  He is unbelievably patient so I see my confidence during our sessions growing and growing.  Zoltán is also so supportive, I have come to dancing very late in life with no previous experience, but with his help and encouragement, I am actually beginning to believe I can become a competent dancer.  My dancing lessons with Zoltan are fun, hard work, rewarding and pure joy all rolled into one!
— Yvonne