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The only dance school that guarantees you a professional partner at every lesson……

Simply Dancing Partners

Salsa and Argentine Tango

Our team is able to master all the complex moves quickly and accurately.  This makes your experience unique.  When you go to a Salsa or Tango club in the future you will be able to follow any lead.

We have trained our own team and you will always be practising with someone who knows how to dance. 

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Ballroom and Latin

Learn with our team of professional dancers.  We always have equal numbers.  Classes for Beginners, Improvers and Advanced level.  Couples wanting to learn together are also welcome.

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Private Dance Lessons

We have a fantastic team of intstructors who can teach you all the Ballroom and Latin styles as well as Argentine Tango and Salsa.  They are very patient and will get you feeling confident quickly.

Whether this is for your own enjoyment or to learn a dance for a special occasion such as a Wedding First Dance our team will make your learning experience both informative and fun.

The fastest way to learn dancing in Central London

In our classes you always learn with Professional Dance Partners

When I took up Ballroom and Latin dancing eight years ago all I could find was classes full of women with hardly any men. The ones who came could not dance. It bore no similarity to what I was watching on TV and the experience almost put me off dancing altogether.

Then I had a brilliant idea to start my own classes with a group of guys who already knew how to dance. It has been a very successful formula that ticks all the boxes not only for me but for all the clients who regularly come to our lessons.

We dance with a gorgeous group of guys who are patient and kind to us and take us to a level of dancing that we could only dream about. There are always enough of them to go around and we never have to wait. When we go to a social the team is always on hand to so that we dance as often as we like with people who adapt to our standard and make us feel a million dollars

It has become a 'must have' expense for our regular clients who now can not even imagine any other way of dancing.

And, we have a team of girls for our male clients to dance with. This is the fastest way to build up your confidence and leadership skills.

You do not need to wait for a friend to come with you because we will make you feel welcome as soon as you come to join our dance community.

As well as Ballroom and Latin we are now teaching Argentine Tango and Salsa in the same style with experienced partners who can cope with the complicated leads and make sure that we are always in the right place with our weight on the correct foot! This makes the premium price tag worth every pound especially when we go social dancing with our team!!!

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Click below to see one of our social dances - everyone had a professional partner. 


18 October dance 


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