Couples Classes

Ballroom and Latin Classes for Couples Learning Together

Dance classes for couples

Photo by Amanda Clarke


Dance with your own partner

How often do you and your partner go to parties together? The music starts up and you long to get onto the dance floor but you don't want to look clumsy and awkward so you stay seated. 

Come to Simply Dancing Partners, have some fun and we will teach you some simple routines which fit to most party songs. Whether it is a Waltz or a Jive you will be able to learn and remember a repertoire of steps that you can work on together. The next time you go to a dance event you will be the couple that everyone else admires and envies.

We promise not to make you dance with anyone other than your own partner during the lesson.

The Programme

The programme includes: Social Foxtrot, Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Quickstep, Jive, Cha Cha, Samba (other dances by request).

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"We came to Simply Dancing Partners about a month before our wedding looking for someone to help us with our first dance. From the moment we entered the studio, we felt very comfortable and at ease. We always had a private studio without any other couples around us which helped to relax and focus on dancing. Our teacher, is extremely professional and will make you dance even if you have never done it before! We have both enjoyed our classes with him so much that we have now signed up for his couple's course for beginners!"    Sveta & Sean

My husband and I had been dancing for a year when we joined the Couples Class. Our teacher helped us work on our Latin dance technique and introduced us to new steps in international ballroom dancing.  He was able to balance the challenges of teaching my husband basic steps and leading as well as challenge me with harder steps! He is incredibly patient and able to see when problems arise and where the difficulty in a step is. I would highly recommend the class: the teachers are very experienced and one feels a sense of achievement after the classes”. Lisa and Andrew