Wedding Dance Lessons

Private Wedding First Dance Lessons

With our wedding dance classes, your all-important first dance can be the enjoyable and romantic experience it should be!

Whatever you choose

Whether you want to step onto the dance floor and feel confident with a classic Waltz, or you have something a bit more adventurous in mind, our expert teachers can help you choreograph and master the whole dance.

Your First Dance is symbolic presentation of your new life when you prepare something to present as a couple.  It is an opportunity to show how you can work together to produce something memorable. 

At your wedding there are two moments when all of the guests’ attention is on you. The ceremony and your First Dance. The ceremony is all about you, but your First Dance is for your guests.  They will always applaud whatever you do out of politeness but with a bit of hard work, you can surprise them with a beautiful performance that they are not expecting.

Deciding how much time to devote to this depends on what you want to achieve.  It’s like building a house – you can’t change your mind in the middle of the process. Your deadlines and other commitments will influence what you can expect just as much as the budget you set.

You will have exclusive use of the studio with the teacher so all the space is yours and you won’t have to share the music.

5-lesson Wedding Dance Lessons Package

This is the ideal solution.  We can prepare you to present a perfect choreography with show elements such as lifts or anything else that are within your physical capabilities.   We can also teach you how to deal with any unanticipated problems on the floor. This will be guaranteed to delight and impress your guests, and everybody will remember this dance. At the end of the five lessons you will be confident, and you will look polished. You will have learned to trust each other’s lead and follow in perfect harmony.

3-lesson Wedding Dance Lessons Package

This will work for a free-style routine where the man leads, and the woman follows.  We can give you a short choreography to repeat several times, but you must be willing to put in plenty of practice time at home.

We will have time to build your confidence, show you how to listen to the music, and how to handle any unexpected problem situations on the dance-floor. You don’t need to be talented dancers, because we give you all the tools you need to create a competent performance. Your audience will be impressed and proud of you.

1-lesson Wedding Dance Lesson

We will only do this if you really are pressed for time.  The teacher can show you 2 or 3 steps but everything else is up to you and you will have to practice after the lesson. Try to imagine what can you learn on an instrument in one hour.  In this scenario you are not only learning steps in time to your chosen music but to dance them together.


Olivia and Chris - Wedding Dance Video


Sveta & Sean

We came to Simply Dancing Partners about a month before our wedding looking for someone to help us with our first dance. From the moment we entered the studio, we felt very comfortable and at ease. We always had a private studio without any other couples around us which helped to relax and focus on dancing. Zoltán, our teacher, is extremely professional and will make you dance even if you have never done it before! We have both enjoyed our classes with him so much that we have now signed up for his couple's course for beginners!


Noralee & Kerim

Zoltán has a natural teaching style that put us at ease while he also pushed us to learn more steps. He is talented and works well with different levels. We loved or classes as we not only had fun, but my fiancé came out feeling more confident with his Latin dance skills. He embraced our bespoke needs to prepare us for our two weddings! He inspired my now husband to want to continue with our classes.

Wedding Entertainment

It is not just dances for the newly married couple that we can help with. At Simply Dancing Partners we can provide classes for the whole family to brush up their dancing skills. 

Or we can help you get the whole crowd onto the dance floor on the big day itself - Simply Dancing Partners can provide the entertainment, with dance displays where your guests can join in!

We all want to feel confident on our wedding day, and with Simply Dancing Partners to help you will.