Classes for Individuals


Classes for Individuals

Individuals learn with our team of professionals in Ballroom Dance classes where there are always equal numbers.

There are classes for Beginners, Improvers and Advanced level. Click here to see our latest schedule.

Classes for Men

You will dance with our team of professional dance partners so that you can concentrate on your leader steps. They are very patient and will help you to build your knowledge and confidence.

Testimonials from clients

Here are some testimonials from our clients:

"Simply Dancing Partner's Ballroom and Latin dance class is amazing! With the fantastic step-by-step help of the teachers and the patience and encouragement of the dance partners I have learned the basic steps. Wonderful people, great service and a super enjoyable experience!"

"I have been impressed by the quality of teaching and the ability of both dance partners and teachers to literally read our minds and deliver the practical approach that we needed. The combination of creativity and professionalism is also rewarding. It’s great to be able to dance in such a lovely venue as well. Thank you!"

"What a fantastic experience.  I have been coming to SDP since its inception and it just gets better.  Not only have I been able to learn ballroom and latin to a competent level with this unique fast track learning process, but can enjoy going to social events to show off my skills and have fun.  Simply Dancing Partners is the only school to go to if you want to look good on the dance floor!"

                   Photos by Alex Taibel