Testimonials about Private Lessons

I have both private and group lessons with Catalin. He is a wonderful teacher and dance partner. He explains dance technique, steps, and routines in great detail, and with exceptional clarity. He has outstanding patience, understanding, and encouragement, together with a great sense of humour and fun.
— Mary
István is a perfect teacher!!!
— Svetlana
My private lessons with Nikita have given me the opportunity to work in detail on the techniques introduced in the group class. Nikita is an extremely talented dancer and teacher. He explains how a dance works by breaking it down into easy to understand components. This really suits my learning style. I am astonished as to how much I am able to learn from him I just one hour. This has taken my dancing, and my enjoyment of dancing, to another level.
— Kathryn
Nikita is a patient and attentive teacher. I was a novice ballroom dancer but, after only four lessons with Nikita, I am waltzing around the room, doing reverse turns and chassés, and Iooking forward to learning the Foxtrot.
— Elizabeth
I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Bishopsgate Dance on Friday with Zoltán, István and Nikita and I thanked them all for a wonderful evening.

It was a real pleasure to dance with István. He is such a good clear leader. He was sensitive to the level of my dancing but also introduced moves to stretch me. Not only did he pay a complement at the end of very dance, he looks as if he’s really enjoying dancing with me. What an uplifting experience! Please pass on my special thanks to him.

I had a wonderful Viennese Waltz with Nikita.
— Sue
When I first started a beginner’s ballroom class just over a year ago, I never imagined I would love dancing as much as I do. This new found love of dancing I attribute entirely to Zoltan’s classes and teaching. Zoltan is extremely patient, so encouraging, unwavingly supportive and he always makes the learning process fun. He is a consumate professional and always puts the student first - adapting his teaching tecniques to each students’ needs and pace of learning. I cannot speak highly enough about Zoltan - he is a wonderful teacher.

Zoltan has taught me that dancing comes from the heart and not only the steps. The connection with your partner, the awareness and respect of your own body, the feel of the music through your soul and working with the resistance of the earth through your feet. Dancing has become my new love affair and brings me so much happiness. Thank you Zoltan for giving me this gift.
— Kirstie
We are two ladies that are very passionate about learning to dance both Latin and ballroom. We have been dancing for about 9 years at a variety of group lessons and also go to a number of social dances.

Although we dance with a number of very lovely gentlemen we spend a lot of time trying to follow the various routines the men have learned at their classes which can mean our technique gets sloppy. Since meeting Zoltán we have gone back to relearning the correct techniques. It is lovely to dance with someone who knows the right way to hold and lead you in the dance. Zoltán’s knowledge of dance is extensive. He is incredibly patient and is happy to go over things again and again until we get it right. For us we can tell our posture and dancing is improving which in turn means we are now getting dances with better dancers.

The two of us have a joint lesson with Zoltán which means whilst one of us dances the other can watch and vice versa. Our lesson time goes far too fast. The atmosphere in the class although serious because we want to learn is also incredibly relaxed. It is a joy to spend an hour with Zoltán and we literally skip out of the lesson feeling so much more uplifted. Other people comment on how much our dancing has improved.
— Dancing Ladies
I contacted Simply Dancing following two family weddings: My wife and I were stuck in a late 60s groove and the music and style had moved on. I felt that, with a bit of advice, we could do better and enjoy ourselves more. We were taught by Elza Opelte who proved to be a marvelous teacher: capable, knowledgeable, client-focused and sympathetic. Excellent value for money. We can’t wait until the next wedding to astound our extended family.
— Martyn