Terms and Conditions

Dance Programme

The Ballroom and Latin course follows this programme for three weeks each:

Foxtrot and Cha Cha, Quickstep and Samba, Waltz and Jive, Tango and Rumba. The last three weeks of the course 15 week courses include revision of the above dances plus optional Viennese Waltz, Paso Doble, Salsa

For the sake of continuity, if you are joining after the beginning of term it will need to be at the start of a new set of dances.


This must be made in advance by debit card, bank transfer or cheque.  We can accept payment by one of the following methods:Internet transfer: Please contact info@simplydancingpartners.co.uk for the bank details. Please print the confirmation page of the transaction and bring it to the class as proof of payment.  A Cheque: made out to Simply Dancing Partners. Call us for our address.


Please note that once a course has been booked and paid for, refunds are not possible and all lessons must be taken during the term that has been paid for. All changes must be notified in writing via text or email.

Upgrading missed lessons to Private one to one: If you miss a lesson you can upgrade it to a private for an additional fee of £30 to cover the cost of the teacher. This must be taken within the term when the lesson has been missed and must be taken at 18:00 on a Monday during term time at 33 Seymour Place London W1H 5AU. Please note that if you are going to cancel a lesson and upgrade to a private lesson you must do so more than 48 hours before the lesson starts. This concession does not apply to cancellations received within 48 hours of the start of the session.

Private Lesson Cancellation: The minimum cancellation period in order for no charge to be made for a Private Lesson is 48 hours otherwise the entire fee will be payable. (Some studios that we use are imposing longer cancellation periods and we will advise you of this if it applies to their element of the fee). When booking for a Private Lesson you will be asked for your Debit Card details and home address for the first payment. These will be kept on file and in the event that you cancel a subsequent booking within 48 hours of the commencement of the lesson, full payment will be taken from your card.

Please note that as long as the classes can run and Simply Dancing Partners is able to provide the venue, teacher and correct number of partners, we accept no liability to replace a lesson due to unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather conditions or strike action. New Clients starting a course after the beginning of term will be charged a pro-rata fee for the remaining classes.

What to wear

You can wear street clothes as long as they are comfortable for you to dance in but we recommend that you don’t wear clothes that get too hot or restrict your movement. You must wear proper dance shoes with leather soles. Women must use heel protectors unless the heels on your shoes are flared. Please do not wear street shoes as it marks the studio floors. Trainers are definitely not suitable.

Partners and Instructors

All partners and instructors are contractually bound to Simply Dancing Partners. They may not accept any bookings directly from a Client of SDP this includes going to a private event or practice session. If a Client wishes to hire the services of an instructor or a partner for a private function, another dance class or dance performance or any other matter, this must be referred back to the Directors of SDP who will negotiate a fee and ensure that it is all conducted in a proper commercial manner.

All Teachers and Partners are bound by Contract not to solicit or accept work from the Clients of Simply Dancing Partners for a period of one year after ceasing employment with SDP. 

Clients may not change the terms of any contract entered into with Simply Dancing Partners without the express agreement of one of its Directors. This is in order to protect both the Client and our Partners and Instructors and ensure that everyone is properly billed and paid.  Please respect this term and do not place any of our team in the position of breaching their contract.