The real 'Strictly' experience

I was absolutely blown away by the final performances on Strictly Come Dancing this weekend. Having studied Ballroom and Latin for the last eleven years I know just how hard it is to execute the figures let alone deliver them with such precision and finesse. The men have an incredibly difficult job to do and it is not surprising that so few are prepared to attempt it.  However, just remember the joy expressed by all the men in Strictly this year such as Danny, Ore, Rob and Ed - it is so worth it.

When I started Simply Dancing Partners it was as a result of watching the early Strictly shows.  I was so keen to get out onto the dance floor and experience what the celebrities do with stylish and confident partners.  The reality was a huge disappointment - several well known studios promised that there would be men in the class.  In every case we were lucky to see a man let alone dance with one.  The task for a man of leading a partner when he is just learning the basics is so daunting it is no wonder that so few are brave enough to do it.

I approached the issue from the perspective of a client asking the question - "what would make this better for me?"  I had tried taking private lessons and this certainly satisfied my primary requirement - I was actually dancing with a man for the full length of the lesson.  However, the industry standard of 45-50 minutes per lesson was simply not enough for me I was just getting to a high and enjoying myself when the teacher called a halt as my time was up.

I designed the classes at Simply Dancing Partners to give me and my clients the perfect experience.  We always dance with professional partners throughout the lesson and it lasts for 1.5 hours - just long enough to learn and practice each dance style.  We cover each dance for three weeks and then return to it the next term building on more figures and technique.

The men who come to our classes never have to dance with fellow clients. They only dance with our expert team members whose job is to help them learn to lead with confidence.

When we have a Social there are always enough partners to match the number of clients so that no one ends up sitting and watching and praying for someone to ask them to dance.  In fact the only complaint we ever get is that our clients get tired from too much dancing on these nights!!  The experience really is like being a kid in a sweet shop with so many great partners to choose from.  They are all so polite and caring and want to ensure that everyone has a great time.

It does come at a premium price but we all feel that it is absolutely worth it to be the ones on the dance floor and living the dream of being whirled around by great partners - something that would normally never be experienced outside of a private lesson.

Come and join us next term whether you are a complete beginner or have been dancing for some time.  You are guaranteed to love being with our team and to meet other like minded people who share your passion for dance. 

Call me on 07768 760388 to find the right class for you.