Latin Dancing - the perfect way to take regular exercise

We all know that exercise is a good thing for health, self esteem and weight control.  However, finding something that we can commit to on a regular basis is not always easy.  I live right next to a fully equipped gym with a lovely swimming pool and have joined twice but attended half a dozen times and completely wasted my subscription.  There are some great riverside walks right outside my flat but I don’t take advantage of them.  I have a car and a freedom pass so walking to get anywhere is also unattractive.  The only sport that interests me is Tennis but that is limited to watching grand slam tournaments not playing it myself.

What does excite me and has done since I was very young is dancing.  So much so, that I created my own dance school twelve years ago so that I could design classes that suited me.  I pioneered the concept of group classes with professional partners and remain the only school in the UK where partners who are experienced dancers are guaranteed.  My school, Simply Dancing Partners has many happy clients who are experiencing the joy of Ballroom and Latin dancing without the worry of finding their own partner.

I am constantly being encouraged to take regular exercise by health professionals so it seemed logical to create a solution that encompassed my personal passion for dance.  When I was a teenager I used to attend a class run by the lovely Arlene Phillips at the Dance Centre in Floral Street.  This was a jazz class which included amateurs and professionals.  In the hour long lesson we would start by isolating various parts of our bodies such as ribs, hips and arms so that we not only exercised them but learnt to control them elegantly.  Then Arlene would make up a sequence for us to learn and dance.  It was one of the most pleasurable and exciting classes I have ever taken and I looked forward to going every week.

So, last year I described this to one of my teachers and asked him to design a one hour class that would emulate Arlene’s classes but basing them on the Latin styles that we learn in our weekly group lessons.  We now have a growing number of ladies attending twice a week in the mornings when we are fresh and willing to take exercise.  We are experiencing a great workout and learning to perfect the moves that we also use when we go to the partnered classes.

The Latin Workout lessons can be taken as completely stand alone.  We cover Cha Cha, Samba, Jive and Rumba. 

The classes are taking place at Nuffield Gym Sheepcote Lane SW11 5BW on Wednesday and Friday mornings at 11:00.  From September we will bring the same classes to Wimbledon at Nuffield Gym 37 The Broadway, Wimbledon, London SW19 1QB.

These classes combine essential elements that make us want to keep coming: dance, exercise and people to talk to (not something that I have ever found at a gym).  I am willing to set up more of these classes in other locations so please get in touch if you would like to join.  It is suitable for all ages and there is no jumping or pumping involved - this is pure dance.

This is what one of our clients has to say about the class:

"Excellent, patient teacher and great class for technique as well as fitness. What a wonderful way to start the day!” Jane

Call 020 3648 0377 to book your place or to suggest alternative locations